Proud MOM to be…

I know I’ve been raving about the joys and perks of my pregnancy on my social media accounts and forgot to make an official post in my blog.  I’ve been pretty busy with work and also trying to work on a decent maternity blog post.  The fact that I’ve been very lazy and don’t have any single inspirational thing to say makes me really clueless on how I shall start my blog post.

All the joys and happiness I am feeling right now can’t be put down in one single post because it’s beyond everything else.  Nothing in this world can compare how blessed and loved I am, so in small tidbits of details, I shall share to you my journey and happiness of being pregnant.

From the very first day I knew that a tiny miracle is inside of me until the very day I shall give birth to our little butterfly.  Join me as I share with you the feeling, the sacrifices and yes the struggles of being pregnant.

So I’m going to start off with some beautiful outfit shots that I took before I knew I was pregnant, and counting from the day that our beautiful angel inseminated his way inside me, I never had any single symptom that I was pregnant after all.  Despite the fatigue and restlessness, all I thought was that I was too stressed out with blog events, work and of course the wedding preparations, never did I know that a tiny miracle is forming and my body is adjusting to the work of keeping my little angel safe and healthy.



I never had any single clue that I was pregnant at all,  right after we got engaged, having a baby became the last thing on our mind, we were so preoccupied with the wedding preparations.  But then again, the very moment you least expect it, you get the most unexpected thing, a tiny surprise has been waiting for us and all the blessings started pouring in.



It wasn’t the perfect pregnancy announcement at all, I guess when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy kit, the oddest thing I first thought of was, “How can I fit in my wedding dress?” Hhahahaha! And that was exactly the same question my friend asked me when I told her the news.  I was excited and shocked, I even wanted to surprise J, but I could never stop the raging emotions overflowing inside of me.  My hormones were mixed with different state of feelings and the only thing I did was send a picture of the test through messenger and received a call from him right away.  I was just looking at the result while he was jumping up and down and telling his colleagues the good news.  I was very happy but I think my pregnant hormones just clouded my entire happy state of mind.  It took me overnight for all the news to sink in, but when we went in for our first check-up and I saw that tiny seed inside of me.  I started to get teary-eyed.  I can’t believe a tiny miracle had happened and for the longest time, this little gift from heaven came.



After the affirmation from the doctor that I was carrying a healthy seed, I got worried about the complications of pregnancy.  But good thing the doctor assured me that I am on the right track, our baby is positioned in a healthy way and I do not have to worry about anything else.  Any risk of complication should be put to rest because I am carrying a healthy baby seed.  Right after that moment, I started to take care of myself even more, I was carefree and reckless before but now I know, I am carrying a tiny miracle inside of me, I had to be very cautious about everything else.  And finally it hit me, I am definitely going to be a mother and I will forever cherish the next nine months of this once in a lifetime journey.




2 responses to “Proud MOM to be…”

  1. congratulations on your pregnancy! i look forward to reading your blogs about it. take care!

    p.s. you look beautiful, by the way. =)

  2. I pray that everything will go well for the rest of your pregnancy and the big day, Sweet! It can be scary yet totally surreal. I love seeing your pregnancy posts and outfits on social media, you make it look so easy, although I´m usually left jealous of your yummy Filipino foods that I have no access to. Congatulations!


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