Pit Senyor 2016

Sinulog Festival is around the corner and everyone is on their toes ready to party.  I, on the other hand will be staying in for the event.  But before the festivities start let me go ahead and render some tips on how to brave the Sinulog festival in a safe and orderly manner.
A Happy Girl guide for the Sinulog Festival:
During the 9-day Novena Masses make sure you are fully equipped with the things needed for the mass, there will be lots of devotees going to church.  You must wear the most comfy shirt pants and flat shoes or sandals.  Don’t forget to bring a handkerchief, a foldable fan for convenience, water to keep you hydrated, umbrella in case it will rain and white flower (just in case, the place will be too crowded.)  There is a 30 minute interval for every Novena Mass so make sure you get in early inside the pilgrimage so that you won’t be squeezing  yourself in later on.
You can also bring the same things during the Sto Nino Procession happening on the Saturday before the Grand Parade.
And of course after paying respects and your devotion to our beloved Sto. Nino, you can now party on the streets of Cebu.  Just make sure you drink responsibly and of course take care of yourself when partying.  I would always recommend you to bring light things during the grand parade, a comfy bag that can carry the things you need.  No slippers or sandals please, I’d suggest you wear comfy sneakers, don’t worry you can always wash them after the parade.  Shorts and a Sinulog shirt or a plain white shirt will do.  It is up to you if you want to style and cut it, trust me a plain white shirt is the best outfit you can always wear for the festival.  You can accessorise your outfit with some body jewelry just like this from http://www.freshtrends.com/cgi-bin/item/6274, a sinulog whistle is a must, you can add a sinulog festival hat or you can make on your own if you have time.
The most important thing about the festival is to rejoice and celebrate the feast of our Snr. Sto Nino, always remember that partying is an added perk especially that we are now facing a different generation but please be responsible in partying, drinking and make sure you are with the right set of people.  Sinulog will always be the best festival for me.  As for me, I might be enjoying my Sunday with my mom probably at the beach and just relaxing with my Gummy Bear.
All photos were taken during my Sinulog 2015 and 2013 experience. This year, I will be staying at home because of my tiny Gummy Bear. 🙂 Enjoy Sinulog everyone!

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  1. this festival looks interesting
    thank you for sharing

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