My 2015


I prayed for a prosperous and wonderful 2015 but what I got was more than I prayed for.  2015 was all about big changes, talk about huge and real life changes.  I still cannot fathom the fact that 2015 is coming to an end, because I am still on a high from all the great and incredible things that happened this year.

As my yearly tradition, I always sum up my year with my monthly highlights.  I couldn’t ask for anything else, 2015 was very good to me and I hope that the lucky and blessed streak will continue unto the coming year.  Now I am putting my happy face saying “Welcome 2016, I am so ready for you.”


January – It started sad, losing J’s father was very hard on him and little did I know he is going to be my father-in-law.  But I stood by his side, not knowing how to comfort him, I guess my silence and presence was enough because he survived one of the greatest loss in his life.  There really is no easy way to ease a loss of a loved one but we both survived, I on the other hand celebrated the Sinulog Festival with precaution and care with my dear friends.


February – There’s always a fine and smooth road after traveling a bumpy one.  February was our month, as we celebrated our first year anniversary.  It was not an easy year for us but we held on to the spark despite the distance, and J has his smooth ways in surprising me.  We celebrated our anniversary in a simple manner but with great memories.


March – Big decisions came into place, it was a rough patch for me but as a believer of good karma, everything paid of this month.  There was a great bomb that exploded but as the saying goes, the truth shall set you free, hopefully it did to the right person.  Good Karma my dear, always good karma.


April – The beginning of my favorite season.  Made my solo journey to Tagaytay and discovered something deep about myself.  I guess I haven’t lost touch of my independence.  Even if I am committed to someone but I do not need his approval or company to make me happy, I’ve learned this the hard way when I was in my previous relationship.  I lost track of who I was but I’m very glad that after a decade I got myself back stronger, happier and wiser.


May – And the summer streak continued, traveled with my brother, friends and J. It was an awesome journey because I didn’t only made memories with the love of my life but I made great adventure stories with my brother.


June – Last adventures ended this month, it was a thrilling journey but I was lucky enough to be with such amazing company.  Career wise, I went back to working again.  It was a rough start but survived the month with a bang.


July – I was overdosed with love.  The month when J proposed to me, it was such a memorable moment and I will never forget that fateful night of his birthday.  I guess because of that one great proposal a miracle happened, hahahhaah!


August – Back to work and back to blogging again, there were so many events that I had to attend to.  I was very busy with work and blog that I didn’t know I missed my monthly period, little did I know I was growing a little angel inside of me.


September – Weddings and changed of plans, it was not an easy change but everything was on our favor.  I guess the lucky streak and blessings continued. A good friend of mine got married and I was next in line.


October – The cat is out in the bag, my Gummy Bear is slowly showing and the changed of plans had to commence.  Everything was just perfect and according to plan.  The legal documents were ready, my dad was home and we were married in a small ceremony with closed friends.  Of course all the church wedding reservations and plans were changed into a later date.


November – The month I turned 30. I thought it’s going to be hard to accept that I am stepping into a different chapter of my life.  As I bid my 20’s away, I am glad that I’ve accomplished my goals and didn’t have an ounce of regret at all.  Probably so many lessons learned but my 20’s molded me into a better person to my family, friends and yes to myself.


December – And lastly, Christmas was extra special because of my baby boy. I’ve also realised that next year is no longer about me. I now have my own family, a very loving and supportive husband and my little angel that I can’t wait to hold and care for soon.

So you see, 2015 fulfilled all my greatest goals, it definitely was my year.  It is full of happy memories that I will forever carry in my heart.  Of course there were small challenges, difficult people and problems along the way but nothing can compare to the enormous blessings I’ve received this year and I am beyond grateful for everything.

As I close another page of my life, I am so excited and welcoming of the next year to come.  I do not know what is install for me but I am all set, because I have so many great plans for 2016 and so geared up to whatever may come my way.  Again thank 2015, you’ve been so awesome!



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  1. omg your tattoo is awesome!!
    and congratulations!

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