Food trips and cravings are mostly my main source of adventure lately.  I have this insane cravings without minding my weight gain, good thing Cebu has offered me with so many food outlets to choose from.  

Lately I’ve been eating American cuisine, Thai food, Filipino food, munch on desserts with my sweet tooth and just enjoy the comforts of food.  I guess everyone knows based on my Instagram and Facebook posts that I have a little bun in the oven, thus the explanation for my crazy cravings but nevertheless it did not stop me from having fun, going to parties and meeting out with friends.  

The best part of it is dressing up for each occasion, probably not a fun thing to do anymore but I guess when you dress casually even with a simple black dress, you can always glam it up with amazing fine body jewelry from , comfy shoes and put on some quirky make-up to complete the look.





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