Lifestyle Change? Oh yes.



I’ve been holding off my daily workouts lately because of my fever and I was asked to rest to let my cough and colds go away.  I’ve been pretty domesticated and cooking different kinds of recipes at home.  If you have been following my Instagram posts, I have bombarded it with a lot of healthy food posts specifically foods that were cooked by me.  Yes, I am definitely trying a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle now due to my Doctor’s order and still doing my yoga sessions in the morning.



No heavy workouts yet but just light exercise to keep my blood flowing and to keep me pump up every day.  Even though I am not yet in the long haul for my usual work out, nothing can stop me in training for the upcoming Justice League Race this September 26, 2015.  I am all set and ready to run.  I even got my race kit last Sunday, got my gears all set up especially I am so excited because I will be running in new sneakers, so if you are planning to stay fit never hesitate to make a  major overhaul with your diet and work out gears.  On top of that, don’t forget to treat your feet with sneakers from Zalora, they have a wide array of comfortable choices.  So why don’t you start the change in yourself and keep a healthy lifestyle all the way.  


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