Cool Summer


Signature Tree Travel Pose



Candid moments worth capturing…


and more cheezy moments with the Fiance…


my partner in crime Lovely


Negros has become a second home to me since I’ve traveled a lot here for the past year.  Being in a long distance relationship there are several things that you need to take into consideration.  Despite the fiance’s (eek cheesy) persistence, effort and time to travel to Cebu but once in a while there are just circumstances that I had to do my part in the relationship.  So when my friend Lovely had to attend a wedding in Sagay City, and I was traveling back to Negros then, we decided to open slots for our unplanned road trip.

It was never part of our plan to bring a car but I can’t go through the pain of traveling to Negros boarding from one bus to another.  So as early as 5 in the morning we were all set, the car was properly aligned and checked, the weather cooperated and we began our little journey to Negros.  Lovely, Francis and I are set to make great memories in Negros.
Fun jump shots
and the soul searching continues with Francis…
When we arrived at San Carlos City the fiance was already waiting for us, we decided to traversed through Don Salvador Benedicto Highway, it is located between the cities of Bacolod and San Carlos, where the climate, scenery, place and terrain is comparable to Tagaytay.  The fiance offered to visit several stops before reaching Bacolod, the long and winding road offers the best view of the mountanious area, of course what I love about the place is the vast presence of pine trees and it’s significant cool breeze and fresh air.  We enjoyed taking photos in the middle of the road, at the viewing deck overlooking the Malatan-og waterfalls, at the side of the road overlooking Mt. Kanlaon and many more short stops along the way.  As always I was the designated driver, I didn’t let Jul drive because I was being bossy that time and I wanted to reach Bacolod just in time.
that shout it out loud drama…
random crazy pose…
and the boys had their own crazy stunts too…
It was such a smooth sailing journey full of fun stops and crazy jump shots, of course there is always something new in store when you are with great set of crazy friends.  The level of insanity keeps the trip worth remembering.  I have to stop here, our food trips and what happened on our first night in Bacolod will be on my next blog post.  For now, enjoy the photos.  Ciao! Kisses.
Third wheel moments… Sorry Love.
the lovely view of Mt. Kanlaon
BTS of that “Keep moving forward” pose…
Travel Outfit details
Knitted cardigan: Zara
Dress turned into top: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Sandals: Ezra from Zalora PH
And lastly that mandatory group photo.

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