Sunday’s Laughter



It was a Sunday and I was all prepared for what to wear on an evening concert with my Mom and Lovely, unfortunately my Mom forgot where she put my dress.  I was about to lose my composure and throw in a mood but I kept cool and picked an old dress, matched it up with a blue skirt.  It wasn’t my best but I just needed something to wear to church.  When we arrived at Ayala, I told my mom I had to buy a new dress, she was like “WHAT!” I gave her my sarcastic look and she let me on the loose.

I had a dress in mind from People are People but as I passed by Zara, they were on Sale.  So I jump in to the fashion wagon and looked for the perfect style to match the jacket that I was wearing.  After 15-20 minutes of browsing and fitting different styles, I finally picked a gorgeous V-neck striped dress which perfectly fits my peach knitted blazer.
I know it was such an impulsive purchase but somehow I loved the dress even more.  It was an easy to wear Sunday dress which spells sophistication and comfort.  This look comprises the perfect length, chicness with a touch of  youthful vibe.
Dress: Zara
Jacket: Promod
Cut-out Heels: Follie
Structured Handbag: Parfois
 After church, my mom, Lovely and I had a sumptuous dinner at Oh George Cafe before we head off to the concert.  We had a blast laughing our asses out and I was trying to make sure not to fall down from my seat from extreme laughter.  The comedy concert was totally worth it, even if it was a target of controversy after the show.  Sometimes I wonder what goes through the mind of these highly moral and conservative people who can’t take a tiny green joke into a good one.  Geez people loosen up. Kisses.  Enjoy the photos.
Me, Lovely and Mom
We are a crazy bunch.
Mandatory Selfie.

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