Grey Engagement


Lunch Date after the great news unfolded.



Top: Promod

Pants: Forever21

Shoes: Follie

Bag: Parfois



The past few days I’ve been running around and is still high somewhere between cloud nine and heaven from all the beautiful things that happened in my life.  I am ENGAGED! Yes, caps lock to emphasise that beautiful news.  I still couldn’t believed that I am actually engaged.

I know I have written a lot of love stories in this little corner of mine, but I just couldn’t miss to share to all my wonderful friends and readers this magical moment.  I have written a long Thank you post in my Facebook but let me go ahead and share to you how the entire thing unfolded right before my very eyes.
I know for a fact that a proposal is about to happen this year, Jul and I were starting to plan already about our wedding.  As regards with the proposal, Jul didn’t have any idea where to start, and since I am such a princess, it was such a toll on him to create something memorable for us to cherish for the rest of our lives.  Few days before his scheduled vacation in Cebu, I planned a small birthday surprise for him, my friends and I were talking in a separate group chat about it, it was not a big thing but only a gathering of common friends celebrating his birthday.  Everything was all set but I have this feeling that probably, just probably, he might propose to me but everything went down the drain when I saw no enthusiasm in his face on his birthday.
That secret birthday surprise for the Boyf turned Fiancé.
The sweetest Thank You, hug.
As I was trying to give out false reasons to distract him before arriving at the expected place.  He was also preoccupied about some tiny news about his mother.  So while I was cheering him up and opened the door inside the Videoke room, I just couldn’t paint his epic reaction.  Right before our very eyes, his jaws just dropped because he wasn’t expecting us to throw him a small party.  I was very proud of myself for pulling out a simple yet unforgettable birthday gift for him.
While we were settled down, eating our dinner and singing our hearts out.  The idea of him proposing to me, the night of his birthday disappeared, I must confess though, I am not exactly the type of person who gets easily surprised because I always figure things out before a surprise actually happens.  But a number of my friends were able to pull it off perfectly and that includes Jul with his unique ways of melting my heart out.
While we were enjoying our margarita shots, I was so distracted while talking to my friends when Jul suddenly pulled me to get up and sing with him.  I was saying NO because I was still busy, but he insisted and right before I could get up, I saw one of our friends handing Jul a bouquet of Blue Roses.  Right from that moment I went ballistic.  (I know I have been waiting for that specific sign for my soulmate, for Mr. 27 to come, but all my hopes were gone because honestly speaking I only have a few months to go before I reach 30).  That is why when I saw Jul carrying those Blue Roses, I just couldn’t control myself from crying.
My girls, thank you for being my Lucky Stars.
The most participative and supportive audience.  Thank you again guys.
You know, I would have imagined my proposal to be romantic, quite, beautiful, emotional and composed just like what you see in the movies but that was not really the case.   I was so focused on the Blue Rose that I forgot that Jul was going to propose.  He uttered some words but I couldn’t hear a thing.  I guess it’s really true, when you are in that situation, you could never hear a single thing anymore, you could never control your emotions, or even know what you are suppose to do.
Of course at the very end, Jul went down on one knee, and perfectly said my whole name and asked me to marry him… After screaming my hearts content and trying to compose myself, I said  YES!
It wasn’t the perfect and composed proposal, it wasn’t even the most romantic one, but after seeing the video, what I saw was US.  I couldn’t ask for any other proposal than that.  It shows the real us, how unruly and noisy I get when I am surprised, how calm and smooth Jul is, everything shows the real US, as a couple.  Jul has his ways and somewhat he hasn’t disappointed me yet.  I was even proud of him for asking permission from my parents and brothers before proposing to me.  That simple yet nerve wracking step was the most important thing he has ever done.
All smiles and still on a high.  
My friends were asking, if I could have seen it coming, well at first I had a tiny idea which faded as the day unfolded, but looking at the proposal video, honestly it is more funny and hilarious to watch compared to all sweet and romantic proposal videos I have ever seen.  The entire night was filled with fun and shocking moments, but still it felt sweet in the end, I felt a little blacked out because of the intense feeling of happiness that clouded my entire system.  I couldn’t be any happier.  Every time I look at my finger I couldn’t help but freak out, I can still vividly remember the rush of emotions and the look on Jul’s face when I said YES.
I could not be more excited to be spending the rest of my life with Jul, my Mr. 27, my soulmate, my team mate and now my fiance.  Eek, it still gives me chills while saying the word fiance, hahahaha!.  He really has his own ways and I am so proud of him for pulling it off and how he perfectly planned an imperfect but memorable one.
Happily Engaged.
Some photos were taken during his birthday surprise but my outfit shots were taken a day after he proposed when everything was still fresh from our memory.  We had lunch together and talked about what happened the night before.  I was so eager to asked him when he bought the ring, how he pulled it off and why the blue rose.  It was a blissful moment and by far I feel that I am the luckiest girl in the world.  Super thankful for everything.  Finally all my lucky stars has aligned and I can’t wait to begin another exciting chapter of my life.  
Check out the video.  ENJOY!!!

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