Sweet Adventures in Sumilon Island

After our Oslob getaway, we spent a day at Sumilon Island, located at the southeastern tip of  Oslob, the 24 hectare island holds one of the best white sand beaches in Cebu with varieties of aquamarine hues. Soaking up and exploring the island were just the tiring activities I had to endure.  I was accompanied by adventure seekers thus, exploring the entire island was a must.  I was grumpy solely because I wasn’t ready to trek the entire place, I was only ready to enjoy the beach and get a perfect tan.  Unfortunately the rest of the gang wanted to roam around and reach the island’s famous watch tower. So after digging in with our sumptuous lunch from Maribago Bluewaters, we took off and parade all the way to the mountain top of the area. While all the boys were enjoying the mystical rock stone formation of the area, I was not entirely in the mood, I was such a princess complaining because I was very tired and it was so damn hot.  Good thing, the boyf was patient enough to take a few shots of me and right after, I felt better.
We were able to explore only half of the island, because we only have limited time to go back to Cebu.  Thus, we spent the remaining few hours in their infinity pool.  Good thing everything ended well, after the call time to head back to Cebu.  My tiny princess situation was cured by the surreal view of the island.
If you want to visit Sumilon Island, you can head directly to Bluewater Sumilon which is located a few kilometers away from the famous Whale Shark area.  They offer free boat transfers from Oslob to the Island (vice-versa).  Usual rate starts at 1,500 per person inclusive of lunch buffet.
I am including a video clip done by my dear brother for our Summer Escapade.  This a collection of all the places we’ve been through this summer.  Again, ENJOY!

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