Boljoon. Chasing Sunsets

Cebu Club Fort Med Panorama shot.  Chasing sunset.
Calm Sea
My Crew
Crazy Friends.
Summer will never be complete without the aid of your bestest friends.  Right after my Tagaytay Solo Trip I jumped in and prepared my stuff for our Boljoon Roadtrip.  It wasn’t my first time to visit Club Fort Med, last year me and my crew went on a roadtrip with a few set of new friends. But this summer, two cars went on an epic adventure.  Jhessa and I were the designated drivers, call time was a bit early so I only had a few hours of sleep but my excitement kept me pumping to drive south for 2-3 gruesome hours.
I’ve said this a lot of times before I am completely fascinated by the summer sunshine, the wonderful smell of the ocean breeze, and the tingling sensation when your feet touches the sand.  I think I was really born to be an Island Girl and I can live in an island forever.
Water Gypsies.
Goofing around with my loves.
My favorite sisters.
Summer Sunset
Jenine and Moi
It was such a great experience, Cebu Club Fort offers the nicest facilities, too bad we only had trouble connecting with the outside world.  There’s such thing as limited mobile connection probably because it is situated in a secluded area where network signals might not able to reach. The place is good for team buildings so that no outside communication can disturb you, even for couples who want to have their complete relaxation and sexy time hahahaha!  Just a gentle reminder, we had a tiny problem with their customer service but all in all, I’d probably visit the place over and over again.
So, I’d let the pictures to the talking, it gives more justice to my crazy adventure in comparison to me blabbing about it, hahahahha!!! Enjoy, toddles!
My mandatory Yoga Pose.
Goodbye group shot.
Top: Thrifted
Shorts: H&M
FlipFlops: Colon Finds
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunnies: H&M
Watch: Cotton On

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