Body Shamers, f*ck off!


Acceptance is all you need, to find fulfilment within yourself.


Tomorrow, summer will be officially over in the Philippines but in some parts of the globe, they are all excited to soak under the sun and feel the sand on their feet. As part of my comeback, I have prepared a series of summer escapades I had with my family and friends and of course part of it is being happy and confident with my own body and skin. There’s been a wide spread concern about people who body shames another person, I myself is a victim.  Sometimes we get too affected by what we see on TV or on the media, we sometimes thought of changing our appearances just to please other people. We sometimes feel the urge to seek validation from other people, when in fact we can give it to ourself. We sometimes hate our imperfections and loathe ourselves for being too ugly, too fat, too dark, too white or too damn skinny.

So here I am, typing down my feelings for everyone who has been body shamed.  Please do not feel bad about yourself but feel sorry for those who are saying negative things about you. They do not know a single bit of how wonderful you are as a person. I have been body shamed by some but I don’t hate them, they are entitled to their own opinion, but remember that whatever they say towards you is a true reflection of how they really feel about themselves. There are times that by saying mean things to others gives them the validation and affirmation that they are normal and perfect, where in fact, they themselves do not know how to love their own body, skin and self. I have addressed this issue in my blog over and over again and I will continue to address it, if by all means I have to own up to pointing out all my flaws and imperfections, I’d be happy to do so.
Be confident.  
Love yourself whole heartedly so that  you can love and see the beauty in others freely.
I’ve been utterly confident with my own self, not that I feel so damn gorgeous but with loving myself comes with inner strength and empowerment that works as a great defense against all body shamers out there.  I believe that confidence is what makes a person amiable and finally I have learn to love myself a long time ago.  I was never afraid to show my freckles, my flabby arms, my keloid scars, oh dear my cellulites, blemishes, my ultimate round face and every single flaw I can think of. I am proud of who I am and with that goes to everyone who has accepted me 100% through and through.
Always remember that no one is allowed to run around and tell other person what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies, who the hell are they?  I’ve only got one question for you? Have you seen your self lately? If you are born with such perfect body, skin, face, intelligence, personality and without any inch of imperfection then why do you care so much of what others would look like? What’s with all the big fuss?  Try to focus on your own imperfection and accept who you really are, probably in the long run you will find the gratification you’ve probably been looking for.
Snippets of my Summer Escapade and yes I have huge thighs, cellulites, flabby arms, keloid scars, call me whatever you like.  I simply don’t care because you are utterly disgusting for feeling so full of yourself.
I have long accepted all my flaws and imperfections and I don’t give a damn about what others would say.  So to all body-shamers out there f*ck off, 
“The secret to how to live without resentment in a world in which I was different from everyone else was to be indifferent to that difference.” —Al Capp

2 responses to “Body Shamers, f*ck off!”

  1. Absolutely refreshing to read this post!

    1. Thank you so much darling. mwuah!

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