Solo Trip 2015 (Manila)


Bags are all packed, reading for boarding.


Touchdown Manila.


 My first solo trip was the entire reason why this blog came to be, it was my Bangkok journey which led me to create an online diary of my adventures, my so called independence and little ramblings in life.  I can’t believe that it happened 6 years ago, I had a fancy second solo trip last year, where I met my so called present love of my life.  Of course I am being cynical by saying that he is my present love of my life, I got burnt already a few years back, thinking that all my current boyfriends will be my prince, my everlasting love hahahaha.  So now, I know the drill, dip in love but never get too attached to it.  Enough of that, recently I had my third solo trip, it was not as exciting as being in a foreign country trying to know the language, it was as comforting as my Bacolod Trip but this trip was very different; so different in a way that it was all a feel good happy trip.

My hotel in Manila.
My exact itinerary was Manila then Tagaytay, I had everything in my planner, the places I want to see, the food that I want to taste, the scenery that I want to experience.  I booked my flight a day before going to Manila (don’t ask why, but honestly, I am not like this, I always book in advance). My hotels were also booked when I landed in Manila, good thing I had several hotel application that eased my booking dilemma; I also installed GrabTaxi which was very handy since I was pretty scared by the cab stories circulating in the city.
My first day was consists of going to important meetings, I also had a short seminar to attend to. Good thing I wasn’t caught up by the Manila Traffic and arrived on time both on my meeting and seminar.  After which I decided to visit Bonifacio Global City, trust me it was torture walking under the scorching heat of the sun, I was lucky enough to visit the head office of ZaloraPH.  It was a fun experience, special thanks to Ed Ryan Lorenzo of Zalora for the quick tour of the place. I then scouted the entire High Street and shopped my hearts out.  I was pretty scared that I will ran out of travel money but I was very clear with my agenda, only buy things that you will be needing for the trip.
After shopping my hearts content, I met with my uncle from my mother’s side, we had dinner and talked about some childhood memories, they were totally curious why I am traveling alone,  my only response was “I love to, it gives me a sense of direction, independence and a thrilling experience I must say.”  Right after dinner,, they dropped me off at my hotel, I took a quick shower, and dozed off to lala land.  But wait! My Solo Trip does not end there, watch out for my Tagaytay escapade on my next blog post.
(P.S. All photos were taken on my Iphone.)
Breakfast before my seminar and meeting.
ZaloraPH Headquarters
Tired feet.
Feeling royal with this hat, just perfect for my trip.
Felt Hat from Cotton On.
Dinner with Uncle Rollie and Fides.
Dress: Forever21
Jacket: Gifted (Singapore Finds)
Sandals: Ezra from ZaloraPH
Bag: Gifted (Louis Vuitton)
Necklace: Promod
Earrings: H&M
Watch: Fossil

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