Dessert run with Damnvixen


Me, Kat and Isabeau.  My fellow Tita.

Last month, I had fun catching up with my blogger friends.  Kat from Frozen Margarita and Isabeau from The Vixen’s Lair.  We had our sumptuous dinner at Cafe Saree, we catched up with our daily gossips and enjoyed the food between updates on our blogs, personal life and work loads.  It was pretty nice spending the evening with my ladies, right after we drop Kat off, Isabeau and I decided to stop over for some desserts.  First stop was at Sprocketeers but sad to say, they don’t have the desserts we were looking for, so we opted to go to Dessert Factory at Lahug Cebu.  After settling down, we then realized that this could be a new topic for our blogs, so we decided to do a bi-monthly date during our monthly periods to give in to our monthly cravings when it comes to Sweets.

Isabeau had their Red Velvet Cake, the cake was very rich and I love the satisfaction of the creamcheese on it, however I picked the weirdest combination for dessert, their chocolate milkshake and their Mango Napoleones.  The chocholate milkshake was so heavy it made me full right away but oh dear, the mango napoleones is so perfect to satisfy my cravings of Bacolod delicacies. Dessert Factory did an amazing job, in adding mango on their napoleones to reduce the sweetness of the dessert.  I really recommend their Mango Napoleones, I’ve heard they are always sold out.  So I leave you with these stunning food photos to make you itch and head directly to do your own dessert run.



PensandLens x Damnvixen


Dessert Factory’s Red Velvet Cake


Chocolate Milkshake and their Mango Napoleones


Mandatory, duo Selfie.


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