To Heaven (Osmena Peak x2)


GoPro Shots.


Camping ground.


On top of the peak.

This is a very outdated post, I forgot I have a lot of drafts saved waiting to be publish.  It is kind of weird that 2014, was such a crazy but fun year.  So here, I am hoping that I can write again for this little space of mine regularly.  So let me go ahead and start with my second trip to Osmena Peak.  I was able to trek the peak January of 2013 with friends, it was such a wonderful adventure but going back there for the second time around with a very important person makes the trip so worthwhile.  So the boyf and I had an impromptu trip for the Holy Week, we drove towards Dalaguete and left the car in a secured parking area.  As always I was the one who carries a lot of baggage.  Good thing, the boyf was kind enough to carry almost all my bags.

The kids going to the peak remembered me during my first trip, they even mock around on how slow I can in climbing the peak.  We traverse the same trail, after almost an hour walking, we finally arrived at the peak at around 5 in the afternoon.  There were also campers there, we found a spot, unpacked our gears and prepared for the night.  We did not stay up late because we were totally tired from all the walking, what we wanted to see is how the sun shines and the clouds on top of the peak.

We slept just right, even though I had troubles with the rocky ground.  In the morning, we woke up just perfect for the sun to shine, the boyf was amazed at how heavenly the clouds looked.  We then climb the peak and took some amazing shots.  The boyf became quiet adventurous and decided to climb another peak besides the highest one on the area.  It was another challenge for me, but alas I was able to survive with no injuries at all.

One thing I will never forget about the trip is how we remembered our first date.  Our date consists of trekking through the mountains of Mambukal in order to reach the 7th waterfalls in Negros.  Now, we are back trekking again but this time in Cebu.  I guess we both are made for little adventures.  So enough of the story telling,  I will let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy! Click here, if you want to know my first Osmena Peak Adventure.


Panorama Shot with my Iphone.


Cotton Candy on top of the peak.




See the peak 360 degrees.





One of my favorite shot with my favorite person.


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