What’s new 2015?




We’ve already said our goodbyes to 2014; now we have embraced 2015 as if last year’s miseries and heartaches never existed.  This year’s New Year celebration was a bit different since it was only me and my mom who celebrated the year with a bang.  It was pretty sad that my dad and younger brother cannot go home for the holidays due to work reasons, so the best remedy for two lonely girls is to party for the New Year.  My mom and I were all dolled up for the big celebration even though I was feeling under the weather that night but I took a couple of vitamins and medicines just to get me through the night.

Even though I was down with the flu, I did manage to dress up nicely, wore my black dress, put on some make-up and my favorite ombre lipstick combination.  I didn’t knew yet what styles are going to be a hit for this year, so it was pretty safe that my LBD was a good choice even though I had to check http://www.simons.ca a couple of times to check on their latest collection but nonetheless, I was able to survive the night feeling pretty and glam.  After all, what mattered most was my mom and I enjoyed the night together even though I had to survive the night minus the dancing on the dance floor but who cares?  I had lots of fun drinking wine and just loving the music together with one of my favorite person my mother.  How about you?  How did you celebrate your New Year?  Was it fun?  Anyways, Happy New Year again guys!




Dress: Forever21

Necklace: Forever21

Shoes: Follie

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