29 Sweet Years


As much as I wanted to deny and stop the hands of time so that I can prolong and slow down the inevitable but I guess all I can do is accept with arms wide open the harsh truth that I am officially 29 and I’ve got 11 months more to go before I reach 30.

Turning 29 is not so bad after all, I think I got use to the birthday greetings, the jokes and the deadlines people are trying to remind me.  Unlike last years celebration, I decided to split my birthday into two events since the family affair was in collaboration with another family gathering.
Last year, I asked my guests to share their blessings by giving hygienic kits for the victims of the typhoon Yolanda instead of giving me their presents, so this year I shared my blessings to the less fortunate, good thing the boyf helped out with the distribution of goodies and food for the street children of Snr. Sto. Nino.
I was also ecstatic that I had to celebrate my birthday with my dear and close friends, I gathered my law school buddies, crazy friends and my closed friends in a night of cook out.  I was pretty lucky that the boyf came just in time for my party to help me out.  He was assigned in grilling the barbecue while I had to prepare the rest of the food.  It was a night of endless chats, fun moments and getting to know everyone that is important in my life.
With an added touch of surprise from the boyf and from my friends who gave me the biggest thrill with their birthday present, it was indeed a crazy birthday celebration.  Even though I had to attend my extended birthday party with the entire family clan the next day, but my cookout ended at 5 in the morning with a heavy hangover.  So literally I had to be awake for almost 48 hours, I am pretty impressed with my energy level, the boyf even complained where I got my energy, hahahahha!
Double birthday celebration with my Uncle Rich.  
the boyf and I during my birthday at Westown Lagoon.
I am beyond thankful for everyone who sent their greetings and birthday wishes.  I am so grateful for everyone who remembered my day and to all the people who made it on my special day.  Thank you so much for everything.  I couldn’t asked for anything else, I am totally blessed and grateful for everything.  If there is only one thing left on my birthday wish, I think our might God already knows what I’ve been praying for a long time already.  Still keeping my fingers crossed but for now, I am enjoying being 29, it’s not as scary and as bad as it sounds.  Enjoy the photos! Kisses xoxox!
Cakes from my lovies.

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  1. jan says:

    happy birthday! hope you had a good one. =)

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