100 Happy Days with Sweet

With everything that is happening in my life lately, I really don’t know where to start off by sharing all things amazing. Probably you would think that I have lost touch again because I was silent for a moment in updating my blog but you see, it’s not a major delay. I just got caught up with all the major activities in school and with everything happening in my personal life. It’s like a wave after wave of tsunami has hit me in a good way of course.

Thus here’s a daily photo diary of the good waves that happened to me. I’ve realized that happiness comes in so many forms and here’s a photo map to show as proof of my 100 happiness challenge which I completed a month ago. From birthday bash, shoes, new friends, challenges in law school, getting surprises, travel photos, loving my family, fashion, food trips, body jewelry as seen in http://www.freshtrends.com, a cup of coffee, new challenges, great experiences and more. Finally a challenge that I have accepted and finished with flying colors.

So why don’t you spread your wave of happiness and take the 100 happy day challenge now! Can you be happy for 100 days until forever? Try it and spread the real bliss of life.









2 responses to “100 Happy Days with Sweet”

  1. 😉 Jabee Happy! Ahahaha

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