OLX in Cebu and Yesss, Yaman! Campaign

I have always loved to shop; I always look for items that would get my money’s worth.  However, I realized that I have bought a lot of stuff that I haven’t used, some were used once or twice and all unused items are piling up inside my room ever since I came back from Bangkok. So I thought of ways to de-clutter my room to my advantage, good thing OLX.ph introduces their Yesss!, Yaman Campaign.

OLX.ph (formerly known as Sulit.com.ph) recently rebranded to make it a more convenient platform that will inspire Filipinos to rethink what they know about online selling in the country. OLX.ph encourages Filipinos to free their space at home and nurture their entrepreneurial spirits by selling items that they are no longer using and turning these into cash.

The brand change signifies their commitment to change how Filipinos perceive online selling.  It also reinforces the great feeling of being able to get value from items that are just gathering dust in our home.

Now that, OLX.ph brings their mission to Cebu, Cebuanos can now earn extra money from their unused personal items and freeing a lot of space inside their homes. By joining the OLX’s Yesss, Yaman campaign, we can become part of the next one million Filipinos selling our secondhand items on OLX.ph and turn it into real value.

After knowing OLX’s has now a physical office in Cebu, I was pretty excited about it; in fact I started rummaging our entire house for unused items that will be of great value to others. I have found a number of unused shoes, which I no longer used and can be sold at OLX.ph, I think and it is going to be a pity if these were kept inside the closet.




By selling these items, not only will I get rid of the old stuff that is just laying around my room but I can earn extra money on the side without the needed capital or investment. I have also freed a huge space to be used for my afternoon readings and tea.

So why don’t you start checking out the Yesss, Yaman pages online and get to know more about this exciting change. Follow their Facebook Fanpage and Instagram or better yet, check out their official website.

Go ahead and join the Yesss, Yaman campaign and be part of the next one million Filipinos selling their second hand items only on OLX.ph


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