Just an update…


Hey guys, I am back in the grinding table again.  Law School has taken most of my time and apart from that, I am also making most of my extra time with my blog.  It is hard to balance your personal life, career and your studies.  But I am beyond grateful that I am currently handling all these important aspects in my life with extra care.  Of course my family will always be my priority, comes second is my personal life.

I always need to make sure that my personal relationship with my friends and partner will not be neglected, I still enjoy half of my sweet time with them.  Apart from that, my studies has taken almost half of my day to day activities,  reading tons of provisions and cases is not easy, I guess every law student knows this dilemma.  It seems that 24 hours is never enough to read your cases and make notes.
And lastly, 10% of my precious time is designated in writing articles and taking care of my blog.  I am even more excited to get my own name card soon, I am pretty sure MOO printers will not fail in delivering a name card that will stand out from the rest.  My enthusiasm still remains because my blog has became my outlet and my baby.  It is now an extension of me, I always get butterflies when people still visit and leave comments in my blog, my readers has become the fuel of my energy to continue with my passion.  I am just grateful that despite the fact that I am busy with everything going on with my life, my friends, family, followers and readers has continued to support me.  I cannot find the right words to say of how thankful and lucky I am to have them.  So that’s it!  Just a quick update to let you all  know that I am still alive.
My daily adventures is always posted in my http://www.twitter.com/mistytewest and Instagram account.  So do not forget to follow me.
Kisses xoxox

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