Love begins at Mambukal

And then Love was discovered during my Bacolod trip. Oh well, I never expected that love will ignite all the spark that the world can offer. After walking through the streets of Bacolod and experience their culture and food, I made a retreat at there famous mountain resort (Mabukal Mountain Resort).  A friend of mine had suggested to visit the resort and made sure to climb the entire waterfalls. Before going on the trip I made a little research, some visitors of the resort were not able to finish climbing the 7th fall others gave up after reaching the 5th falls. Thus, I really wondered how hard it was to climb the 7th fall. After all I have survived two trekking trips last year, so how hard is the trail going to the 7th fall could be?

Armed with my dora bagpack, we arrived at the mountain resort at half past 10, and checked in our luggage. Prepared for the trek, ordered lunch and killed the time gazing at the ceiling hahahha kidding! Of course there were some fun stuff to do while waiting.



I am an explorer with a Dora Bagpack 🙂

Right before we started, we took some snapshots of the nature, trail and talked about stuff. The first fall was easy, I never thought we will be able to reach the first falls right away. My trusted photographer and guide was vey supportive in taking my photos. Right after taking a break, we paved our way up and followed the trail for the second and third falls, unfortunately you are not allowed to take a dip of the falls.

In the middle of the trek I was panting like an old dog but of course, you wouldn’t want to project a helpless city girl right? So I pushed myself to reach the fifth falls where we had our stopover and ate lunch.

The stopover was a bit awkward, but nonetheless, my trusted guide made the trip worthwhile and comfortable. He was a complete gentleman. We decided to take a rest for a couple of minutes before going up to the last falls.


Can you spot me?


I think this was the 3rd falls.  Sorry I forgot.

There was no trail left, all you have to do is follow your instinct and asked the neighboring residences where the 7the fall is going. Some kids would bug you to be their guide, but we prefer to get lost in our own little world. While going up to the 7th fall, there was a ray of sunflowers which was showered from heavens, there was a moment of exhilarating happiness right from the pit of my stomach. Of course, as the complete happy girl, I made my way through the 7th falls. It was fulfilling and the scenery was breathtaking, change clothes to take a dip which was freakin’ cold by the way but the moments of giggling, playing and treating each split second of bliss, was all that mattered. It was one of the most extraordinary experience.



Finally the 7th falls.



GoPro shots by J. 🙂

After enjoying the falls we headed back to the resort, of course as usual my guide treated the trip like an adventure, no kids to help us go back to the resort all we did was challenged and trust our instinct. I was asked to choose where to go, since we were stuck with two pathway. I am bad at choosing because I always go with being neutral and pass the responsibility to another person, however he was very persistent in making me choose. So I made a choice of picking the road on the right. It was a long path, but I think I’ve made a great choice because not only it was very long but it gave us time to discover more about ourselves. It was tiring but worth it.  I think in life, short cuts are for the weak, we must be brave enough to traverse and face the longest road we can ever take, if we commit mistakes then, there is always room for change.

Right after we arrived back at the resort, we headed to there hot spring to calm ourselves and relax before capping the night off. Of course what happened after was history.

It was such an amazing experience and I will never exchange it for anything else.  Oh yes and the adventure continues…


Told you there was a ray of sunflower.  From J.


Top: USC Law Shirt

Bottom: Adidas Sport Leggings

Sandals: Tribu Trek Sandals

Bag: Titanium Bagpack

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