The road to Alcoy.

My law books are finally placed on their shelves, my notes are stored in their respective boxes and my room started to look like a normal room again. I miss going to school but I was way too excited for summer to start. Right after our last exam, me and my Law School friends went out on a beach escapade. All my bags were pack the night before our road trip, got my swimwear ready, flip flops, my cateye sunglasses, tote bag, camera and my sunblock, I also manage to prepare some stuff for the team since most of us where still tipsy from the post exams party the night before but everything was all set for Alcoy.
Finally after numerous of postponed plans, we finally made our first out of Cebu trip. I was the designated driver but I have my friends who can take over the wheel if needed. We arrived late already so the boys started the fire to cook our food and the girls did the dishes and prepared our dinner. With a couple of tequilla shots and a glass of vodka after, everyone were already in their happy place. It was one hell of an impromptu trip. Even though half of the guys went home because of their respective boyfriend duties, while I settle in with my girlfriend duties, I am forever thankful that I belong to these amazing crew. I can’t wait for the school year to start pretty soon but before that, let me finish updating my summer escapades in my blog. More travel posts soon. Enjoy the photos.
Swimwear: Victorias Secret
Cover up: Jaspal
Sunnies: Sunnies by Charlie
FlipFlops: Plains & Prints

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