Still Alive

I’m back! Did you miss me? Don’t worry I am still alive and kicking, I’ve been pretty busy catching up with my sleep and enjoying the summer heat. Without my law books and cases along the way, I’ve been enjoying every single day that the summer brings. Of course accomplishing my travels for 2014 has been my number one agenda. So the summer fever has been spreading wildly and getting a sunkissed skin is socially acceptable during this time of the year. All my freckles are back and the pain of the sun burning down is bearable. So what is happening in my life lately.

Uno. I just made an official instagram account for PensandLens since my personal instagram account is exclusively for my closed friends, I am avoiding all the nonsense drama in life. So kindly follow the official PensandLens instagram account now! (Puppy Eyes)

Dos. Aced my second semester in Law School and finally an incoming 2nd year. Woot!!!

Tres. I’ve been enjoying my summer escapade and fulfilling my 30 things to do before I reach 30 list.

Quatro. Catching up with friends.

Cinco. Busy with a big project real soon.

Seis. Planning my trips for the rest of the year.

Siete. And falling in love all over again. Oh yes, I am. ❤️

So that’s it, I am almost done with my 100 happy days project, after I am done, I will make a collage to showcase what made me happy for the past 100 days.

Enjoy your summer vacation guys!

Hugs and kisses

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