breaking FREE

Three years ago, I had my first tattoo, I never thought that I can survive the pain of the needle itching through my skin.  Layer after layer I am proud to wear my “Life is Sweet” ink on my left wrist.  A year after, I got a charmed bracelet which represents all the things I love, every time I look at it, I get reminded of my aspirations and dreams. And after holding back last year to get my third one, I finally caved in to the thought of getting a bigger one, something that will celebrate my self.  I’ve always wanted to get inked with the word FREE which represents my free soul, sometimes my friends would joke around and tease me, about the real reason why I’ve always wanted the word FREE.  They said that I am now free from all the heartaches, free from love, free from the long term relationship I had.  Probably they are right, but the reason is much deeper.
I am happy that I am FREE from being in a wrong relationship per say, but I am more than happy that finally in my life, I have freed myself from all the heartaches, the pain, the grudges and hatred.  That I was able to forgive all the people who have hurt me, that I have also forgiven myself for all the mistakes I have done in the past.  FREEDOM means more than being single, it is knowing your worth and making sure you don’t get tied back to the mistakes you had in the past.
I’ve always believed that being FREE is living your life without fear, nothing to hold you back, no restrictions.  I’ve always told myself, the next time I will get into a relationship, I shall lay down all my cards and tell the person I am going to be with, not to restrict me from all the things that I love.  I may party, drink, go out with guys but I know my limits, I am responsible enough to know when to stop.  I want the freedom to do everything that I want because at the end of the day, even if I get to go around and explore the world, if I get attached into a relationship, I always find my way back to that person.  Freedom does not only mean being able to do what I want, but being free from all the grudges that piled within the years.  I had a lot of excess emotional baggage left in my heart for the past 28 years and finally I was able to let go of all those grudges and freed myself from having a heavy heart.  I guess being FREE is able to let go of everything.  Now I can finally say that my scars and wounds are fully healed.  Now I am ready to battle another chapter of my life.  And probably another story of my next ink would suffice.
Enjoy the photos.  Visit the instagram page of my tattoo artist/friend to see his works.

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