You gave me the rush but took it along with you…

Cold blooded soul, I am exhausted, my heart is starting to question everything.  You left me hanging without any single explanation.  
I always tell myself no, it is not a big deal.  If only my brain will listen to me, and my heart will shift its feelings to hold back that itching thought of loving you.  I’ve cried my hearts out and I’m tired of doing that again.  Please let me know if this is real and answer all my plea.  I think you have mastered the art of breaking hearts and aced suppressing your feelings, but please don’t play with my heart because no matter how intense my feelings for you, I can always be indifferent and toll with your emotions too, I’ve figured out that this isn’t easy, this may be true, this may be another addiction but I will withhold all these blissful feelings for now.  
Oh, How can I start trusting you?
Tell me, will I stop this insanity? Or are you willing to take the ride with me?

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