All over again…


2014 NEW YEAR Photo.  This was the day, I told myself to open my heart again and promised myself that, this year I am going to explore and love again.

Sometimes FOREVER is the operative word when we are high in cloud nine.  We rationalise that this love is going to be our one great LOVE.  We then forget the things that made us sad with our previous love, because we are experiencing a new high.

Love really makes us do things, worst it makes us forget about ourself.  It’s been a long time since I have written something which involves the matters of the heart.  Probably it took me a year and couple of months to finally feel something.  I’ve been numb from all the heartaches but there is only one thing I am proud of, I began to appreciate my life and myself.  Sometimes when you go through that hurt and pain you just have to strip yourself from that love and be completely naked to face the world.  To be brave enough to see our flaws, our imperfections and all the crazy sh*ts we have done.

I am not proud of my mistakes, I have done a couple of bullsh*ts and crazy stuff.  I even think I have done worst, but these mistakes made me who I am now.  Some people are asking why am I this numb? this cold? this stoned? There is only one answer to that, I have loved someone so much that my heart died with it, that is why I am numb, I am cold and stoned.  But even if you’ve died a thousand times, there is always that one lingering hope that pumps blood back to your heart so that in the end, it will beat again. 

In the end, you will have a reason to fall in love again.  Never loose hope, never give up on love, never blame love.  For LOVE may be the reason why we are crying but its LOVE who will take us high above the clouds again.

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