Sinulog 2014 (late post)

Sorry if this post is not a continuation of my previous blog post.  Apparently, I have a lot of backlogs to do, I think I still have 4 or 5 more blog posts to finish before I can move forward to my next post (kidding!) That is why I am wrapping this quickie Sinulog post, just like what happened last January, everything went by so quick.  I wonder what happened to those happy days where I can dance and party until the sun rises.  I think it comes with age, but nevertheless I had an epic Sinulog experience with my family and friends.  Yes, you heard it right??? No special someone just my loved ones for Sinulog.

So here’s a recap and quick photo diary recap on what transpired last Sinulog 2014.  I am beyond thankful for everyone for an epic Sinulog!



Sinulog weekend started with the Sparkle gang, why sparkle? Because we spark like diamonds.  Honestly speaking, this event was incidental when I was in the verge of my dramatic moments.  I had some post dramatic episodes, dunno probably the festivity and the completion of my 9-day novena for Sto. Nino, left a big impact in my heart.  It was like asking myself over and over again, where do I go from here?  Will I go back? or move forward?  Glad I chose the latter.

Thankful for my law school buddies for being there for me during my epic drama moments.  It does feel good to be numb sometimes and survived this pathetic moments.  (yucks Sweet!)



Hooray for my youngest sister for visiting Cebu in time for Sinulog.  Good thing she did not bring with her, her boyfriend or else I am going to die from being the odd one out of the family.  It took us the entire evening to talk about life, love and the updates in our life.  I am happy that after 3 years, I’ve got to bond with her, and we were finally complete.

This was a Saturday weekend date with the entire family, we watched a Filipino movie.  Outfit post below:


top: Zara

pants: Forever21

bag: Promod

shoes: Zalora

cardigan: Bangkok Finds


This got to be the most unforgettable photo ever.  Finally the four of us were complete.  It had been a long time since I celebrated Sinulog with my brothers, don’t mention the huge fight I had with my second brother last Sinulog 2013.  However, this year was memorable.  Good thing I didn’t get drunk despite of the mixture of cocktails and drinks that I had to consume on that day.  I can’t believe my siblings are now taller than me, oh good times.  (From left to right: Lucky, Moi, Anna and Sandie).  Extreme happiness!!!


Of course, last year I spent the entire night partying with my crazy friends, Te AnMay, my dear Jhessa and sis-inlaw Lovely.  And I was beyond ecstatic that we ended our Sinulog being complete again.  Together with our babylove Andrei and my younger sister Ann.  See I don’t need someone to make me happy, since my lesbo lovers are enough to complete my festival love.


(from left to right: the great papa Makoy, class president Mikko, lead sparkler Ian, my food buddy Princess, beauty queen Karla, pretty moi Sweet, the virgin (peace!) JoRizza, the CPA Kemal, the mother superior Chiqui and lastly the striker at night Chad.)

And lastly, Team EH308.  My law school buddies, these are the guys who always keep me sane despite my crazy character.  As the youngest in the group (hahahaha!) I am just happy that I have met the best law school buddies ever.  Through thick and thin, through sparkle or not, we rock!!!

My girlfriends were there during my vast moment while crying inside my car while the guys were there for me during our drinking moments reminding me of how life sucks sometimes and to let go of all the bitterness in life.  Despite of my crankiness, they never fail to make me smile.  It was indeed a weird Sinulog experience, prior to the grand festival, I saw familiar faces along the streets of Cebu which clouded my memory, but with the aid of my loved ones they made me forget about worrying and thinking of those memories because for them, what is important was making new memories to let go of the old ones.  Crazy but it was indeed very effective.

One more thing, I just have to congratulate myself for completing the 9-day Novena of Sto Nino.  For the first time I was able to finish it despite of the rain, the exams, the cases to read.  I was able to endure the daily novena and prayed my hearts out.  Was it worth it?  I guess so, but what is important was the reason behind this Sinulog weekend, I was able to appreciate my self more, know about my self worth and value.  I was able to realize that I may not be perfect but my loved ones provides the gap I have in my imperfect life.  Until next Sinulog! Pit Senyor!!!!





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