MUJI: Cebu Opening

I found and fell in love with Muji while I was in Bangkok. It has never failed to put a big smile on my face every time I see the store’s organized display of different items that I need (and want).
Imagine my excitement when I heard that Muji will be opening in Ayala Center Cebu’s new wing. On its opening day, I came in to a busy store, packed with eager and happy Cebuanos who had long waited for Muji’s big day.

My love for Muji became stronger now that I no longer have to travel overseas or go to Manila to stock up on my favorite items. I have listed my Muji finds — these are my staples that I recommend you get or try out when you find the time to visit Muji Cebu.

I love their white bins, perfect for stashing my papers and notebooks. These plastic boxes can store pretty much everything like clothes, bottles, socks and shoes. They come in different sizes to help you get rid of your clutter.

I jumped with happiness when I saw their selection of pens and highlighters. That sight of a colorful and completely stacked stationery table took me back to my early years in school when new school supplies make me excited for the start of the academic year. I still feel the same way now that I’m in law school, but who wouldn’t want to feel like a giddy, carefree kid again like back in the day? It was definitely an instant #TBT moment, even if Muji Cebu opened on a Friday.

Muji PET bottles are brilliant convenient perks for travelers like me. They fit right in my luggage and they can carry enough liquids like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc. good for a 3-5 day trip. What I would try buying in my next Muji visit is their skincare line. Being a Japanese brand, Muji has piqued my interest to test some of their skincare items such as their Sensitive Skin Series, Eye Makeup Remover and Organic Body Lotion.

The Muji Skincare line is just a portion of Muji’s wide selection of Health and Beauty items. It also carries different nylon cases for your makeup stash and garments. Even reusable nylon totes for your shopping finds!

For totes with a minimal but sophisticated touch, Muji has nylon totes with thicker handles for heavier items. I spot them as lunch boxes, school bags or weekend bags for those quick runs to the mall. I basically see them as strong, handy companions to carry my stuff in.

As someone who has more appetite to eat than energy to cook, these kitchen items somehow boosted my low-energy self to try and whip up a gastronomic masterpiece. Ok, maybe let’s start with omelets or bacon. These have landed on my wish list when I get to furnish my own kitchen… and muster enough courage to know my way inside the kitchen.

I’ll definitely come back this week to Muji to buy and ogle at more functional items. As a premium Japanese lifestyle brand, Muji offers an extensive selection of products that are classic necessities for you, your home or your office.
Visit Muji at the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu. For more updates, follow them on FAcebook — or Twitter (@MUJI_PH).

One response to “MUJI: Cebu Opening”

  1. i love Muji! before i only go to Ayala for powerbooks and topshop, now i have an additional reason to go hahaha! happy new year sweet!


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