Wonderful Christmas

One thing I have been looking forward this year was Christmas.  Aside from my birthday, I miss celebrating Christmas in the Philippines.  There is something in the Christmas spirit of the Filipinos that is resilient despite of all the calamities that went by.  It was a reunion of happy people and yes for the first time in four years, our family was complete for Christmas.

Aside from the gifts that I have received, I am so thankful that my entire family and loved ones got together for a wonderful celebration.  Had to attend a few Christmas parties and dinner so getting into a diet was never an option.

Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you had a joyful celebration with your family and loved ones.  My apologies for the random photos, I wasn’t able to take a decent photo of each celebration, I guess I got caught up with the Christmas fever and forgot to take wonderful photos.


Christmas Dinner with friends (Lovely, Lars, Me, Jhessa, Genes and Anmay).


Lex Christmas Party with my classmates. 


Party Fever with friends.


Holiday Post Beach nightout with friends (Princess, JoRizza, Me, Mikko, Makoy and Chad).


Christmas Dinner with the family.


Gifts, wine, whisky.  Perfect Christmas.


Mandatory Christmas Selfie photo.


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