Happy at 28


It was a pain blowing 28 candles, good thing my friends reduced it to 18 candles.

Dress: Forever21

Shoes: JC shoes

Post Shoes: Fit Flops

Cardigan: Bangkok Finds

Every year, I always blog about my birthday, but this year I guess my post is a month late, but it is better late than missing a birthday post.  Turning 28 isn’t such a big deal, I don’t feel 28 at all.  My birthday fell on a  Saturday and I just have to make it special, since I miss celebrating my day in the Philippines.  For four years, I had to spend it away from my loved ones but this year was totally different.

It was a celebration of happiness with my family, new and old friends, a celebration of life and love.  I have so many things to be thankful for, 2013 has been very good to me.  Despite of some small bumps in the road, I was able to manage and survive this year.  I couldn’t ask for anything.  I was full of happiness despite the hangover the next day, hahahahaha!

Super belated birthday to me.

Check out the random photos of my birthday party.  ENJOY!!!


My mom and brother.


My favorite girls (Jhessa and Anmay).


Finally reunited with my bestfriend Rhea.


Happy Girl in the dance floor.


Mandatory Cake Throwing.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Christian Asieba says:

    Congratulations on your birthday. No more hangovers, OK.

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