overdue party



EH308 Class




Finally the first semester is over.  I have yet to adjust my study habits, personal life, blogging time and of course love life, hahahhaa! This blog post is an expected over due post about our Law School Acquaintance Party, the last time I remember attending one was when I was in fourth year college.

I was half anxious and excited to be spending the night with my new classmates which turned out to be the coolest block that I have ever known.  It is like being a newbie in a new school, you do not know anyone and you are left hanging alone in a crowd.  The theme was fire and ice, I was planning to wear a red dress to represent fire but I failed, so I switch to blue to represent ice, I was pretty lucky  to be able to find the perfect dress to fit my growing hips hahahaha, trust me, it’s so hard to loose weight in Law School, but I hope this semestral break I can loose the added weight I gained for the past 5 months.

There you go!!! Finally sharing to you this overdue post.  Glad that I have survived my first semester in Law School and of course with the help of my dearest classmates who supported everyone through thick and thin.  One more thing, our party was awesome, USC did a great job in welcoming us, wishing to attend next year’s Acquaintance Party (if I survived this year, hahahhaa!).





dress: SM Fashion Forum

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

bag: skull bag/bangkok finds

earrings: H&M

ring: Loalde

cardigan: H&M



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