remembering the landing


Finally midterm week is over, I only have one more exams to conquer by the end of this week but nonetheless, I am happy that I have an entire week sleeping, watching my favourite movies, reading books, catching up with friends and simply doing my normal routine.

I had to succumb and survive midterms but then no time for rejoicing just yet since I haven’t survived the first semester of Law School.  Whatever this journey takes me, I will always believe in myself.

Before the end of our midterms week, I was actually planning to go out of town, probably spend time with my friends by the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves, but make-up classes and studying for my last exam this week changed my mind.  So what I did was spend time cleaning  my hard drive and organising my photos when I suddenly saw our Leyte photos.  I totally forgot about this.  It was a very long trip from Cebu to Leyte and yes I got into an accident at the end of our trip (will definitely blog about that).

I remembered I drove from Cebu to Leyte and reached our first destination, Tacloban City, I’ve always wanted to visit the Leyte Landing of General McArthur, it was a historical site and imagine my excitement when we finally arrived there.  Me and my friends just took a quick shower before finally posing for the camera.  It was not really that grand but ever since when I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to visit the site and perfect time has arrive.  Enjoy the photos!




Top: Knitted Top from Loalde

Skirt: Forever21

Bag: Bangkok Finds

Eyewear: H&M

Bracelet: Siargao bracelet and Island Souvenir


2 Comments Add yours

  1. hazel says:

    omg i hope that accident you mentioned wasn’t serious! anyway, great memories and photos sweet! 🙂 goodluck with the exams!

    1. Sweet says:

      It was painful but still survived the fall hahaha thanks babe.

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