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Instagram has been my constant companion since most of my outfit posts are uploaded in Instagram.  Lately you can see me in pants and jeans since I’m still trying to balance everything from school, personal life and blogging.

Now that I am following my love for law school and fashion, I guess it is time to stop analysing everything before picking the right outfit.  I was happy to find my old set of clothes after doing our spring cleaning and I just need a little time to mix and match my outfits.  With an extra spare time, I can also manage to go online and shop for my favourite clothes, shoes and accessories at Garage, Shopbop and Zalora that will match my casual and laid back outfits, just the perfect solution for a legal fashion girl like me.


Pants: Promod

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Top: Zara

Bag: Miss Sixty


Top: Zara

Pants: Bangkok Finds

Necklace: Cebu Finds


Top: Forever21

Pants: WAGW

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes


Pants: Lee

Top: Forever21

Belt: Bangkok Finds

Bag: Bangkok Finds

Sunnies: H&M


Top: Forever21

Sunnies: H&M

Pants: Forever21


Top: Loalde

Pants: Bench

Cardigan: Zara

Bag: Nena

Sunnies: H&M


Top: Forever21

Pants: Tailored Pants

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik


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