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of Moroccan lamps and wishes



The surprised Birthday Girl

dress: DIY by: Jhessa and Moi

jewelry: Jhessa and Moi

make-up: Codilla Sisters


everything was hand made for the birthday girl.

Last May, my dearest friend Jhessa and I joined forces and made something magical and beautiful.  We helped out in making someone’s dream come true.  I was very proud that we were able to pull off the event in two weeks time.  It was indeed a fruit of our labor, sleepless nights and yes our crazy coffee moments.  I miss those extra time we spend sewing, cutting, glueing and just staying up all night to finish our DIY project.

The result was sublime, everyone was happy and of course the birthday girl was shocked with all the mix of emotions and greetings.  I cannot be proud of all our hard work.  I miss you my lesbian lover, enjoy the crazy photos.


lamps and moroccan jars are from Luxe Bed Cebu.





and look how haggard our faces were.  I miss you!



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