dolled up



Before Law School came into the picture, I was in my glitz and glamour days.  Dressing up was never a problem, not that I am complaining now but I realised it is hard to wear my platforms and other accessories in school since there are a number of prohibitions which were brought to my attention.  One time, I went to school wearing my favourite snake printed pants from Zara and the security personnel reprimanded me not to wear those anymore since they categorise it as leggings.  Nevertheless I miss dressing up for the occasion, the last time I remember dressing up was during our acquaintance party which I will be blogging pretty soon.

As much as I want to share my outfit posts, I miserably failed in finding the perfect photographer, good thing that my dear friend Toni, who happens to be an awesome and talented photographer was able to take a photo of me using my DSLR after the FIDA Fashion Show.  I know, this is a major backlog but I am trying to juggle my time between reading books, cases and yes getting enough sleep.

Here’s what I wore during the FIDA fashion show, right after the show we grabbed some ice cream from this shop called SAKURA then, Toni, Rabsin and I went out to grabbed some Mojitos.  No pictures of that happy girl moment, but it was an awesome night worth remembering.  I miss you Toni.  xoxox


Top: Forever21

Pants: Lee Jeans

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Ring: Loalde

Earrings: H&M

Bangles: Forever21 and Loalde





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Those shoes are so great and funky!

  2. hazel says:

    love the shoes!!!!

    1. Sweet says:

      my favorite shoes love

  3. You look fantastic!!! Loving those shoes. I’ve missed you tons!! xo

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