128 days of changes



January (31 days)



February (28 days)



March (31 days)



April (30 days)


May (May 08, 2013)

A year ago, I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now.  So many things have changed, yet everything was a good change.  Moving on was never easy, nor believing in love again.  But I am through with that phase in my life.  Time has healed all wounds and the scars that once reminded me of the past has cured itself in time. 

I was getting to know myself and actually loving everything I once ignored, these are the vital spices to everyone’s journey in life. The priceless lesson I have learned is to never let my guards down.  I never thought I can be able to trust again but while I was traveling the walks of life alone, I have found a new path along the way, it looked different and new.  I was scared but little do I know, it is the same old road that I use to take all the time, but something has just given me new set of hope.  A new set of hope, that someday I will find that love again. 

And  sometimes the best thing you’ve been looking for; are the one that was always there all along.

128 days of changes.

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  1. Gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful week Sweet! xx/Madison

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