of weddings and falling in love again



inner dress: Bangkok Finds

peplum dress: Mags

shoes: Manolo Blahnik

skull clutch: Bangkok Finds

necklace: Loalde

rings: Loalde and H&M



the newlyweds


Gorgeous Friends (Moi, Kim, Marielle, Di, Little Di, Honey and Mia)

When you become Single, everyone around you notices your triumph or failure.  Good thing in my case, it was an awesome and fabulous triumph.  As time passes by, you cannot fathom and laugh on all the things you did for love.  Yes there were crazy, out of this world things and ideas but I wouldn’t mind doing it again, the next time I fall in love.

Speaking of being in love, everyone around me are either starting a family, getting married or getting pregnant, so when it comes to weddings, single ladies are being left out, especially when everyone is talking about LOVE.  Good thing in the Philippines there are no Singles Table, so during the wedding of my dear friend Stacy, I was ecstatic because it has been a long time since we were given a chance to talk and exchanged stories.  Of course, meeting your favorite friends and classmates in Grade School is an added bonus.   Nothing has changed, we look the same, talk the same and yes we are still as crazy and funny as I’ve remembered when we were in our Elementary years.  It was indeed a beautiful night full of LOVE and weddings makes me emotional (don’t laugh, I really am such a cry baby).

It was such a surreal experience being part of my friends wedding, even though for a second I stopped and thought of the what if’s in my previous relationship but then I am proud to say that I had no regrets at all.  I have a handful of special people who never fail to let me smile and I should be  grateful for.  Chances are maybe one of these days, I will fall in love again.




The beautiful bride Stacy and Me.


Classmates. Class of 1992.


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