mi amor mi familia




Family time is golden time, it has been awhile since I have met up with my cousins.  Good thing family gatherings usually keep us up to date with what is happening with our lives.  I always love spending time with them and trust me they are one crazy bunch.  I am also thankful that I have my family to take my outfit shots, special mention to my mom, who has been so patient to learn a little bit of photography and the how to’s when it comes to using a DSLR.  So here are a couple of my outfit shots c/o of my mom.  It has been awhile that I actually forgot how to pose in front of the camera.  And trust me, with my mom as the photographer, it will always result into a big fight.  She wants this and that, she loves this and that hahahaha! now I know where I got my super meticulous self, it’s like looking at a mirror, seeing myself 30 years from now hahahah!

Enjoy xoxox.



top: Forever21 and Zara

skirt: H&M

necklace: Loalde

shoes: Janilyn

bag: Miss Sixty


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