I left my heart in Siargao






Swimwear: SM Department Store

Shorts: DIY shorts

Accessories: Cebu finds

Sunglasses: Rayban

There are several things I want to do more if I am given a chance to stay in Siargao for a month.  The Island is really full of wonders, there were so many memories that I keep on lingering back to.  Siargao is an eye opener for me, I realized traveling makes a person richer, the experience, the memories, the culture and etc. are far more important and expensive than money itself.  I have been working so hard before that I forget to give time for myself, time to break the rules and enjoy what life has to offer, this time I will be traveling more.

After our surfing lessons at Cloud9, we went out for Island Hopping.  Naked Island and Dako Island, are one of the most beautiful Islands I have visited, even though it was such a bummer  when we arrived at the first island, I discovered that I had my period the worst thing was, I was not prepared for it.  While my friends were jumping for joy and doing fun jump shots, I was such a grouchy person worried about my condition.  Good thing when we arrived at Dako Island someone was selling sanitary pads and saved my mood for the entire trip.  Filled with fresh sea foods and overload with fun times with friends I was a happy girl again.

As you can see, my trusted photographer was kind enough to take my solo shots and yes I love how it turned out to be.  I wish he can be my photographer all the time to take my Outfit shots and more blog shots hahahah (kidding).  In case you want to know more about the details of our trip in Siargao, do not forget to visit our travel site, Dig Pinas.  Enjoy the photos. xoxox





Thank you to my trusted photographer.  You na! 🙂



That is me enjoying the heat of the sun, trying to get the perfect sunkissed skin.

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