One thing that I miss about Bangkok is the unlimited time I can spend shopping.  I can go all day shopping for clothes, bags and yes my favorite shoes.  I am such a sucker for shoes that is why I always shop all the way so that I get the perfect pair.  But since I came back in the Philippines, I am having a hard time looking for the perfect shoe to satisfy my craving.  The worst part, is all shopping malls in Cebu are limited and it sucks to be driving with the outrageous Cebu’s heat and traffic.

Thankfully I discovered Zalora Philippines, I heard a lot of buzz around my blogger friends that they love to shop at Zalora.  Who would not love to shop right at the comforts of your own time and place?   Their online shop is very easy to navigate and they have a wide array of fashionable products available.  Price wise?  it is very competitive and some items are even cheaper.  The best thing also is the fast shipping service nationwide, so who would not love Zalora at all?  All you have to do is open your laptops, go to their website at, and start shopping now, while I go ahead and indulge with my shoe craving why don’t you check out their Summer Lovin’ featured items.  Enjoy your first purchase. xoxox



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