Siargao Day Two



It’s almost a month since I visited Siargao and the lingering feeling of the beach and the waves is still haunting me.  I’ve been missing the sound of the waves a lot, the scourging heat of the sun here in Cebu can be a bit forgiving if I can just take a dip at a nearby beach.  But since I am still sun kissed from Siargao, I am opting not to take any dip under the heat of the sun until I get my fair skin back.

Our second day started with a surfing lesson before going to the islands, unfortunately I was too scared to try surfing for myself.  My friend Mantz was helping me out but still I was such a coward to even try to stand and balance on the board.  Doing yoga did not even help at all.  But I was totally proud for my friends to be able to successfully balance and surf their way with the waves in Siargao.  Seeing them makes me happy and for me that is enough.

I still can’t get over the waves and the fun plus the memories of my trip to Siargao.  I wanted to time travel right now but for the mean time, I will time travel by sharing the photos to you guys.  Enjoy!







And that is me, just enjoying the surfboard under the heat of the sun.

and by the way here is a video made by: Mantz, I just want to share to you some fun photos during our trip.


Kisses xoxox

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