Holy Week Trip Day 1



So the much anticipated Holy Week trip has come and I was ecstatic to pack all my bags and fly to the beautiful island of Siargao.  We were just four who traveled, my dear friends Mantz, Lovely and ReeMon, but even though we were only four, it seems that we were a group of 10 crazy freakos.  I was pretty excited considering that this is going to be my first official trip away from Cebu.  Good thing my mom was all supportive and excited for me, (I guess this is the perk of being Single.)

Our first stop was Surigao City, since we have to travel from Cebu to Surigao and get a fast craft going to Siargao.  Since there were no available craft departing from Surigao after 12:00 noon, we decided to stay the entire night at the beautiful city of Surigao.  We did not explore that much, but we made our way to the local port area called the Boulevard and since our stomachs were screaming already, we opted to get some afternoon snacks at Chowking, a local restaurant in the Philippines.


From the back: Moi and Mantz

In Front: Lovely and remain


Hello Surigao

After which, we went back to the port and decided to get a private boat for us to go to Siargao.  It was crazy since there were no fast crafts sailing on Good Friday (just our luck).  But then, we cannot stop our trip by just one minor bump.  We finally made a deal for the private boat, went back to our hotel and prepared to depart at 4am.  When I say prepare that means, talking all night and drinking tequilla, hhahahaha.

For more information about this trip and how to go around Surigao you may visit my newest Travel Blog at DigPinas in collaboration together with my good friend Mantz, the idea was born overnight when we were in Surigao, so please don’t forget to support our newest blog. Kisses xoxox.





Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Bracelet: gifted by Meh

Bag: Bangkok

Fedora Hat: Bangkok finds

Shoes: Fit flops

Sunnies: H&M

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