life lately

So after my short post last time, I then again neglected my blog.  It does not mean that I will be gone for a long time but this will only be for a moment, I have so many things to attend to.  I am pretty busy with a business venture with a couple of business partners.  Since I am now based in Cebu, I have been trying my best to look for a suitable means of living that is why I am working my ass off to pay for my night outs, travel and leisure.  Since I am not yet planning to settle down, I am just enjoying the Single life.  No worries, no restrictions…just enjoying what life has to offer.

So here are random photos of me.  Portrait and mirror shots, while it took 2 months for me to loose the added weight last December, it just took 2 weeks to gain it back again.  Now I shall starve myself and get back into shape for this summer season.

How about you?  How is your life lately?



Mirror shot at Waterfront Cebu Mactan, while waiting for my Aunt for a business meeting.


Vanity portrait shot while waiting for our food to be served with my cousins.


Another vanity portrait shot, while waiting for a friend at the hospital.


One more vanity portrait shot, while waiting for friends to get in the car.


Required mirror shot, while fitting for a new pants.


Pesto Pasta from Metro Gourmet, Cebu.

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