straightly nude



So I have not posted any outfit posts lately, I told you it’s been so hard to ask someone to take a photo of my outfit after loosing my official photographer.  I have been hanging out with my mom and trust me, she is not a gifted photographer.  So while I wait and try to find the perfect camera man soon, I would stick to having myself photographed by friends, blogger friends and their boyfriends or a portrait photo of my outfit.

While organizing all my files, I realized I forgot to post this outfit post from our Company party last year, YES, this was so last year when I was still in Thailand and before I went loco and MIA in Bangkok.  I took a chance of having my hair straighten from the salon since I know most girls in our party will wear their hair curly, wavy or in a bun.  I made a change and have it ironed by a professional hair stylist.  It was a bit weird seeing my hair this straight again, after two years of not combing it.  I did get a lot of approval ratings from my friends but I still love my messy hair because I am just too lazy to comb and style my hair, like that.

Good thing, during this party I was able to loose around 4 kilos (gawd, I gained a lot of weight last year), which was so-so okay, at least I wouldn’t look like a balloon wearing the nude dress from Jaspal.  But with my hair straighten my face looked bloated and big.  Luckily, I was able to loose  the rest of the excess fat when I arrive here in the Philippines and a couple of kilos to go, I am done with this crazy fitness and daily diet agendas.  I need food, I want food and when I am stressed out, so all I can think of food.  Who wouldn’t love to marry FOOD without the added weight gain.

So sorry for this super late post, but here is to saying goodbye to the past.  And yes, new outfit posts soon, fingers crossed.

Enjoy the photos.  (Wanted: hot, sexy and gorgeous photographer… email me if you are interested!!! hahahaha!!!)


United Nations (Iran, Russia and the Philippines)


gorgeous Charmalou.



dress: Jaspal

cardigan: bangkok

shoes: foxy, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

bag: CLN

rings: Loalde and H&M


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Farah says:

    Wow, you are just TOO beautiful!! I hope you will have all the happiness in the world ❤ Hehe. And the bag is just so LUXE, loving it!! Thanks for dropping by my blog, it means a lot coming from you :))


  2. Cute United Nations photo! And I love the lip color on you.

    Come enter my Sunglasses Shop giveaway to win a pair of Ralph Lauren sunnies of your choice!

  3. Looking fabulous hun, I’m loving the nude combination with the cardigan. Great clutch. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. /Madison

  4. Wow! what event is that? You wear a nice wedges!! ♥♥

  5. Glee says:

    So very gorgeous look, I like your hair too. I don´t get a hair rebond here anymore but promised myself to get it done once I get to bangkok. All the best!

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