Valentines are for Suckers???



Probably that is not the most appropriate title for a Valentines Post, but yes, I did feel that way.  Even though I had to say Valentines is just a normal, ordinary Thursday but as the clock strikes midnight, oh dear!!! Little by little I felt the emotional rush of sadness.  For the first time in over a decade, I had to celebrate Valentines alone.  With a big check mark, SINGLE. I would say, I was a bit bitter about the day of LOVE and I had to asked my friends to go out on V Day, wear black and red lipstick to commemorate all the single ladies in the world.  Eventually the feeling of loneliness subsided, and I am happy to know that I had my great friends to love me with all their heart during this romantic day.

We went out for dinner but ended up in a Pizza Place because all restaurants were booked plus we were late in getting to our destination because of the terrible traffic in the city.  I was about to give up the slightest urge of being romantic for my single friends.  But in the end I gave each one of them a letter and a balloon to remind them that I will forever be their LOVER.  It was a fun day, we ended up getting coffee, talking about our future, goals and dreams.  And yes, about LOVE, we were a bit serious for a moment and talked about what happened, what went wrong? and where the hell is our soulmate?

But above all the sugar coated advise, I only have one wish that one day, the next person who will capture my heart will not only give me mushy stuff during Valentines, but I wanted someone who can treat every day as Valentines Day. 🙂  I don’t know if these kind of guys are still alive, but I am still keeping my hopes up.

Belated Happy Valentines to all.  Hope you had a great time with your family, partners, friends and loved ones. 





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  1. hazel says:

    Awww this line –> “but I wanted someone who can treat every day as Valentines Day.” 🙂 I hope you find your real valentine’s soon 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      yes babe… someday 🙂

  2. LOL at the post title.. I don’t believe much in Valentine’s either if that helps at all ? I am glad that you had great time with your girlfriends though and I do hope that you’ll be blessed with your real valentine anytime soon !

    *ps sorry for the lack of commenting back.. been really busy lately ! I hope that everything is going well for you !


    1. Sweet says:

      thanks dear… i miss you too i know you are busy as well…thanks for taking the time…

  3. Looks like you had a great time! 🙂 xo

    1. Sweet says:

      dates with friends is always a great time love… 🙂

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