must love Don Papa Rum



I’ve been in Cebu for almost a month now, but I have not visited the new hang out spots around the area and being away for four years, I have seen a lot of changes and it is a bit weird not knowing where the places are now hahahahaha, good thing my dear friend Jhessa, drove us to Distillery for the launching of Don Papa Rum.

Don Papa Rum has finally arrived in Cebu.  Locally produced in the Philippines, made from the finest sugar cane in the world, aged for 7 years in oak barrels which is blended into perfection.  The rich taste of the rum leaves a fruity after taste and it is just so good to drink because of it sweetness.

Plus Don Papa has exclusively shared their cocktail recipes made from unique local ingredients.  Trust me, you will never get enough tasting the smooth and premium rum.  You can buy Don Papa from the following locations in Cebu:  Vudu Lounge, Formo, Gilt, Scrapyard, Penthouse, Loft, Pump, Alchology, Yo Latino, Club Mermaid, Distillery and a lot more.

You may visit their official website at Don Papa Rum or follow them in Twitter: @DonPapaRum.

While we loved the smooth taste of Don Papa, we just can’t get enough in adoring the entire package of the rum, a total world class product worth being proud of.



dress: Forever21

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

cardigan: bangkok

earrings: H&M



with my new found friend Yuno.


my gorgeous designated driver for that night. 🙂


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