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Swipp. What the world thinks.


Swipp is a social intelligence platform with applications designed to take every day social expressions and turn them into a new type of living and social data.  With Swipp, people can get rich information about any topic in the world, learning and participating in the conversations while tracking what the world thinks about that topic in real-time.

Social Media has no borders, so neither does Swipp.  Swipp is available for your iPhone and is also available as a rich-web based experience, other platforms will be available soon.  You can start downloading the iPhone app from the Apple Store or you may go to to start swipping from your computer or mobile phones.




As part of the global Swipp Ambassadors, I would like to invite everyone in the Philippines to start telling the whole world what we think.  There are different topics that we can Swipp about, this way we will be able to inform different business what we, as their customer think about their products and content.  By using Swipp we will be able to view the collected data and see how an item or topic is trending, with the total number of information about the people who have swipped it.

What people think is a new data type that will invigorate existing markets and inform the future virtually of every industry.  As we grow globally as one community, I am inviting everyone to start Swipping their thoughts and views about what is currently happening in the Philippines.  This way we can offer and let the whole world understand our culture, lifestyle and everything in the Philippines.  We can tell them why it is more Fun in the Philippines.

Also follow their Twitter account to get updated information about Swipp: @getswipp

and their Facebook App: Facebook

Let us start Swipping now!  Please watch the video below, to know more about Swipp.


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