My Osmena Peak journey…

I never thought I can trek and climb Osmena Peak in Cebu.  This is the famous peak which is known to be the highest in the Island of Cebu.  It stands approximately 1000 meters above sea level.  The place is totally divine and the scenery is just amazing.  I have to admit I was never a sporty type of girl, and all camping trips in high school I was excluded or I was treated with extra care because of my heart condition.  But knowing that I was able to walk the streets of Bangkok, I took a chance to trek and walk the rough roads towards the peak.  I know I cheated my way towards the bottom of the peak, but at least I was able to climb my way up twice.  Thanks to my trusted companion. 🙂

It was a two day trip and spent the night camping there, with no electricity and internet.  It was such a surreal experience, met new friends and learned to appreciate our nature.  I was very lucky to be accompanied by crazy people, it was one hell of an adventure that I  promise do it again.  And yes, I have found my new hobby “Trekking”, slowly I will get my endurance to climb Mt. Apo (wishful thinking).  Enjoy the photos guys!!!



group photo before we start with our journey. (Photo Credits: Niel Jarina)


Best Advice: have someone carry your stuff for you.  There are kids who will carry the bag for you, for a price of course but trust me, I almost fainted carrying my bag.  Good thing I did not actually faint. 




going up!!!!


finally reached the camp site and the evidence of our dirty feet.



setting  up our tents…






and of course enjoying the scenery on top of the peak!!!! can you spot our campsite???



mandatory jump shot for everyone!!!


domesticated duties…



We had to enjoy a shot or two to keep our bodies warm from the cold breeze.  We were also lucky because it was Full Moon and the stories and talks ended up at midnight.  🙂

It was indeed a crazy adventure, if you want to climb the peak.  There are friendly guides that will help you along the way.  Best thing to do is bring a jacket and food plus water to keep you alive for a day.  But trust me, you can always have someone go down and get some stuff for you.  The kids are pretty friendly and talkative hahahaha!




7 responses to “My Osmena Peak journey…”

  1. ateeee! omg! magnificent view from the top ha! ofcourse i meant the sea of fogs? or was it clouds? hehe ibog ko. wa pako ever kasaka ug bukid hahaha

  2. omg, hope nice weather for the next ! according to for seasons weather

  3. Ang saya naman nyan!!! 🙂 I want to experience that too! 😛

    xx Dress Me Up Buttercup

  4. Wow! kanindot sa weather pag adto ninyo. 🙂 Great photos!

    1. lageh nice kau ang weather i want to ho back again hahahha!!!

  5. […] So let me go ahead and start with my second trip to Osmena Peak.  I was able to trek the peak January of 2013 with friends, it was such a wonderful adventure but going back there for the second time around […]

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