30 things to accomplish before I reach 30…

Last night while I was finishing my work and chatting with my good old friend Jhessa.  I realized I wanted to do so many things right now but I do not know where to start, then I finally decided to make a list.  30 things I have to accomplish before I reach 30. 

30 sounds like a magical number but I still have three more years to finish this list.  Trust me, it took me three hours to come up with a decent list that I know that is doable.  This is going to be one roller coaster adventure.

Here’s my list:  (this list is valid from today until I reach my 30th birthday on November 23, 2015.

1.  Travel and visit all the cities, provinces and towns in Cebu.

2.  Complete a marathon or a Fun Run.

3.  Swim with the turtles.

4.  Ride a hot air balloon.

5.  Climb a famous mountain.

6.  Learn to drive a motorcycle.

7.  Fire a real gun.

8.  Travel alone.

9.  Experience a “one night stand”. hahahhaha!

10.  Swim with the dolphins.


11.  Dive and Jump from a waterfall.

12.  Finish the 9-day Novena of Sto. Nino.

13.  Buy my first home.

14.  Have myself photographed or painted in Nude. 🙂

15.  Learn how to surf.

16.  Be kissed in the rain.

17.  Finish the stations of the cross.

18.  Do a Visita Iglesia.

19.  Swim with the Whale Sharks.

20.  Go paddle boarding.


21.  Give 30 gifts to random people on Christmas.

22.  Give 30 hugs to random people.

23.  Watch a movie alone in a cinema.

24.  Kiss under a mistletoe.

25.  Volunteer in an organization whether for the environment or humanitarian reasons.

26.  Choose to get married or be single.

27.  Have a baby before I reach 30.

28.  Flash someone on the street.

29.  Invent something.

30.  Find my soulmate, if all else fails, Mr. 27 was just a mere dream and illusion.

Do you think I can do this?  I would say YES. 

Every month I will try to see if I am able to accomplish something from this list. 

How about you?  Are you up for the challenge?


5 responses to “30 things to accomplish before I reach 30…”

  1. very doable except the flashing part.. hahahaha

  2. Christian Asieba Avatar
    Christian Asieba

    I expected to see goals like becoming a billionaire before thirty!

  3. Yes, of course! If you like, pwede ta magkuyog sa fun run! 😛

  4. what an admirable list! i hope you accomplish all of it 🙂 love the “give 30 gifts to random people on christmas”. it’s such a generous and selfless gesture. go sweet!


  5. woow.. i also love that no.9 list. i either wanted to experience that thing, hehe.. and paint a naked woman….

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