the past weeks…


Everything happens for a reason…

That is generally my catch phrase for the week, so many things had happened for the past days and I do not know where to start picking up the pieces and organizing my life again.  Everything is a complete mess but it is a beautiful mess that I can definitely fix.  So what really happened for the past few weeks?

1.  I am back in Cebu for good.  I do not want to put more details into it, but I am happy with my decision, again everything happens for a reason and that reason is definitely mine to keep.

2.  I am thankful for the wonderful 12 years that I had to share with my best friend and partner, but as time passes by.  This time I am taking the journey alone.  It is hard and there is no easy way to get through this but to move on.  I am just thankful for the wonderful years that I have spent with him.

3.  A good friend has passed away yesterday, it was a shocking news to all of our friends but at least his suffering has ended.  We all go to heaven and someday, we will be reuniting with him.

4.  Breaking up with half of my Friends List in Facebook.  Because I had to break up with my partner, it is so hard to break up with everyone in my friends list.  We have a lot of common friends and Cebu is just too small, we were able to create a solid pattern.  But I know I can do this, they say old habits never die, but I know I am strong to take this challenge.

5.  Starting Fresh.  Since I have been away for four years in Cebu and I thought my room was completely gone but when I came back everything was perfectly in place and memories came back.  So I will start  fresh with my new set of friends, new environment and hope in order to focus mainly on ME.  This year will be all about me, everything about me. 

6.  And starting my 30 thing list before I reach 30.  hahahahaha! are you up for the challenge?

destiny (1)

I have to love myself and accept myself with open arms before I can love another person again.

So this new journey is about to start and I hope you will be on board.

Kisses. xoxox



Recent photos of me… 🙂

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