Polka Dots and Hearts


For the past two years, I have neglected my blog and forgot about who I really was.  But now, I am going back to my roots and finding my way back to blogging again.  I never left, I only did not have time to blog again.  So part of my of NY resolution is to go back without any backlogs and overdue post.  And because I am really serious with my resolution, I am starting today.







During New Years Eve, it is always required to have a traditional outfit to wear such as the color red or polka dots for good luck.  The only Polka Dot clothes I can find in my closet is this, yellow big dots light brown tank top.  So I was thinking probably, my luck will get bigger this year (fingers crossed).  So without any hesitation, I celebrated the New Year at the streets of Bangkok again.  Nothing fancy but the memories and experience is always worth the wait.  It may not be the NYC event but it is second to none.

P.S. I am going to have a huge announcement on my next blog post. 

Just watch for it!


top: polka dot top from Bangkok stress

pants: Forever21

shoes: Fitflop

headband: old minnie mouse headband from NY 2010

bag: Nena

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